Karukera sail racing crew

A swedish amateur offshore sail racing crew..

Sail or die!

"A sailor is an artist whose medium is the wind. Live passionately, even if it kills you, because something is going to kill you anyway." 


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The heart of the Karukera Sail Racing team is a diverse and dedicated bunch op people, all with special skills and abilities, always striving to get better...


The teams current main tool is a customised M.A.T. 12.20 heavily optimised for ORCi. We also racing other boats when possible..


We can not do what we do without help from our valuable partners, adding equipment, know-how and innovation to the package that is Karukera Sail Racing team.

Our Mission

To compete ...

...and win on the racetrack, and at the same time push the boundary of what is possible with a sailboat and continuously improve as a race-team. All with a very stringent set of high environmental goals.

Our boats are driven by wind, but also electricity, the electrification is upon us on the roads but we aim to show what is possible on the water....


About Us

A team is never stronger then its weakest link.

Everything aboard is about teamwork and the teams performance is what makes it possible to reach our set goals.

The team is diverse and unique in composition, from CEO to Nurse, from tall and skinny to shot and strong. Below are some of the names and their usual position:


Ola Sandell


Niclas Dahlgren


Johan Nodby


Marina Toger


Magnus Johansson


Mats Lindström

Tactics and nav

Magnus Olofsson


Fredrik Spjut


Mikael Balke


Pär Larsson


Some famous guy


Also Famous guy

The boats

Let's go sailing

Our main choice is a Highly customised and optimised M.A.T 12.20, and sleek, fast and modern Mark Mills designed IRC/ORC racer cruiser.

We do have two Melges 24 and two Albin Express for those special occasions where those are better suited.

Some images

for no apparent reason other then the beauty of the ocean.


Without our partners we would not be here. Below you will find them and what they have done for us. Please visit them if you need the absolute expertise within their respective fields.


Our long term partner for pointy things on top of the boat and deck hardware. We are since +10 years sailing with their carbon-masts and are excited to have them onboard our new project.

B&G Sailing Electronics

The leading brand of sailing electronics, a trusted partners to race-teams all around the globe and in the most extreme enviroments. This is a new partnership for us that will help us big-data driven sailing in a way that we are very excited about. 


Our driveline is electric and the future is electrifying, our M.A.T 12.20 contains a couple of worlds first in driveline-technology and propulsion. OceanVolt is driving our team when the wind drops down..

North Sails

Needs no introduction, the #1 in sail making. Our trusted partner that delivers more value then just the sails. 


Hi-tech ropes for all our applications, outstanding in their field and our long trusted partner.


Do you have anything cool to add to our package, contact us for a coffee or a demo...

Want to be part?

How to become a Partner

We have a long history of working with partners on multiple levels.

We are happy to tailor an offering to meet your need of exposure and activities on - and off the water. Our Team and Boats are excellent platform to create publicity, events and and more.


On or off the water for you, your team or your customers. Our Platform can be used in many ways to create value and days to remember. We have multiple ways to get you and your key audience wet and happy.


If your target audience is on, or near the water, we can create long or short-term agreements to expose your brand in a very impactful way on one of the hottest platform out there.

Our setup allows us place our platform anywhere in Europe, as long as it is not colliding with regattas.


If you are, like us, a die hard sailing regatta fan, then this is the package for you. Here you can test and expose your products and brands with our crew and boats.

Our schedule will take us across Europe for some serious bucket-list stuff.

In short, Karukera Sail Racing Team can do a lot for your brand and we have some crazy opportunities and ideas.. 


Here you will find the latest updates from our team in depth.

As usual the quickest ways to follow us is on our social medias.

Finally home!!

She’s on her way…..

Hull #4 is ready for shipment.

Get in Touch

We would love to get in contact with you, please use one of the following methods below.


Kapurja, Kristinahamn, Sweden


+46 733675670



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